As I’ve been preparing for the Canada 5000 Rally, I’ve also been interviewing as many surviving rally participants as possible. It has been very rewarding to hear the tales, advice and memories of the rallies from those who were there. From Reg Hillary, the winner of the very first rally who is now well into his 90s, to Paddy Hopkirk, the famed British driver who was the source of controversy in the ’68 rally and was ultimately disqualified, but not after being threatened with a gun by an Ontario farmer who thought the rallyists were driving too fast!

Marcel Chichak has done an amazing job collecting and documenting the history of the rallies on the Shell 4000 History website. To compliment all the hard work he has done, I am continuing to interview any participant or organizer I can find. If you or anyone you know was involved in any of the Shell 4000 Rallies, I would love to hear from you. I am eager to collect and record their stories.

Please contact me by e-mail or by calling me at 587-523-4739.

Dave S. Clark

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